Update on my Health & my Family-as of May 7, 2013

Just to update you on what I am going/gone through

Last Feb 22- the night I treated my team to Shakey’s/Sitcom LAs Pinas- I
was experiencing some minor discomfort in my lower abdomen and slight

This led me to a urinalysis -with blood found through an outside clinic

Which led  me to a consultation with Dr Gatchalian (Kidney specialist..etc) to have me a ultrasound and a CT Stonogram at Cardinal Santos on the same week. After week of medicine wrt possible stones-Dr Gatchalain found out that I don’t
have stones but there’s and enlargement of my large intestines- so I am
referred to Dra Peña.


Dra Pena(Gastro) -in preparation to my colonoscopy on April 20, 2013 at
Cardinal Santos -gave me 2 set of antibiotics for 2-3 weeks. One medicine I
had to discontinue because of nausea in the early morning.


I have to prepare for the whole night and early morning for the colonoscopy and I did not enjoy it at all. The words by Sis Sandy Cayetano helped me a lot to hold onto God’s promises. After the colonoscopy -there was 7 polyps that were burnt -and I am schedule for a follow-up this afternoon.

Before the colonoscopy – I went through clearance two doctors Cardio and
Endocrinologist. Dra Valera (Endo) have me go through a battery of blood
works to check my Sugar and Uric Acid level- after a week – I was found out
to be borderline disbetic- and my medicine was change for the uric acid as

She also referred me to a Rheumatologist -Dy Sytam at Cardinal Santos -last
Friday- and gave me a maintenance medicine for my Gout.

I hope that the last of it (for I felt bad for the last two months or so)
-and being grateful to God & with my only daughter’s 18th birthday last May
2- I was able then to planned since last week for our family vacation:

Singapore2013 136

Our family of six (6) is now booked with PAL and YMCA-Orchard Road,
Singapore from May 18, 2013 (Saturday) to May 21, 2013 (Tuesday) . We will arrive at NAIA by 11PM


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