I Smell Something Fishy Here

Are they ganging up against Supreme Court Chief Justice Sereno?

See this comment:

“Senator Joker Arroyo hopes Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno will not mistake “God’s will” for infallibility… After the Chief Justice expressed her belief that she was anointed by the Good Lord as chief magistrate, I hope she would not think she has now the infallibility in her judicial opinions,” Arroyo said, tongue-in-cheek.”

And this :

And this-from Rappler.com:

“Jose Mejia, a member of the 8-member body, told reporters on Monday, September 3, that the body will probe how the results of the psychological tests – which were supposed to be confidential – were disclosed to others. The Manila Times earlier reported that Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Solicitor General Francis Jardeleza got a grade of 4 in the tests. A grade of 5 means failure.

The newspaper quoted from the supposed results of the report, which described Sereno as someone who “projects a happy mood but has depressive markers too. There is a strong tendency to make decisions based on current mood thus, outcome is highly subjective and self-righteous.”

And see this as well:  PNoy to Carpio: Unlike

My take:

Did President Noynoy railroad many hopes of private individuals or companies when their champion ( 5-6 Senior SC Judges) was not chosen by the president? Have they expended so much money or resources in the previous years for this people so that they will move hell and high water so that she can be dislodge by this “maitim at maliit na maligno” form this office where she can do much reform in the next 16 years?

We really should pray for our President and his appointees- we can only move forward if all the level of government is filled with righteous and clean people with sincere heart –serving the people-just like Sec Robriedo –who the politicians fried in the papers before we really learn who he really is when he died.


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