Here is my current theological status with respect to Baptism and Tithing:

Though I am still a credo-Baptist- I now no longer see Christians (especially confessional reformed)  espousing covenantal infant baptism as in deep error. But now I see them instead as Christians wanting to submit all of their lives -including their loved ones (children) and possessions under the Lordship protection of Jesus Christ. But I still see that it is misguided and eisegesis that Confessional reformed uses the covenant with Abraham as a textual prop for this ancient church practice . It can be proved however that a credo-Baptist practice is much older and much documented in the Patristics writings like that of the Didache , Apostolic Constitutions, Tertullian and the writings of Justin Martyr .

Current Baptist must regain however the covenantal (New Covenant) basis of baptism which is they woefully ignorant of. And instead of dedications of infants-it must be covenantal blessings/laying of hands should replaced such practice since dedications has an OT flavor to it.

In order to arrest the errors of baptismal regenerations, infants as members of the New Covenant and Half-way Covenantalism- those baptized as infants-local churches should always allow rebaptism as adults so that those infant baptized will understand that it is through their own living faith that unites them to Jesus and not the faith of their believing parents. For here –in the believers/disciples baptism – the death and resurrection of Jesus is properly portrayed instead of in infant baptism.

With regards to Tithing –Now more so –I still, with my readings in the background of Reformed Confessions, ancient church history and New Covenantal Theology- tithing should not be imposed on Christians. Tithing can be used as a personal guide in giving- but local churches should emphasize that this is not the only one guide. We are not under the Mosaic Code-but under Jesus’ Covenant-which is far better and gracious in fact in these days of Jubilee. To impose this-is the error of Galatianism and we are back under the curse of Mosaic Law.



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  1. Hellow my name is Sally and I’m a researcher and this article really helped me. I’m enthused! Thanks!

  2. keep up buddy, you people are doing a great job.

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