To My Daughter- June 2012

Mai -my daughter will be going to college at UPLB this coming week for her BA in Communication Arts. She will be staying at a dorm with her friend and former AGS schoolmate. I just would like to leave some messages or reminders for her to remember while there at the dorm:

– Unplug all electric equipment when leaving the dorm.

– When leaving the dorm-make sure that the door is locked-but you have the keys with you-or your dorm mate has it. Don’t leave the keys lying around the table-or it might be copied.

– Always make sure that your friend, dorm mate or classmate knows where you are going and with whom you are going with. If you are outside going back to the dorm -always inform someone once you are safe inside your room at the dorm.

– Never bring out your laptop in unsafe or unsecured public places. Be wary of curious eyes watching you.

– Never count your money that is more than 100 pesos in view of other strangers. In this day and age -many are tempted by vices,needs or even by environment or peers to do evil acts just to satisfy it or them.

– If some guy or male tries to woo or court you in the school or in the streets-just tell them “I am a born-again Christian-and if you are also one-then you know  the proper place and time for these things.

– You are a pretty girl and men will want you for their own-just make sure that the man you will love have knowledge and wisdom in his head-and purity and integrity in his heart. Never be flattered by the Vic Sotto’s or Erap of this world. You will be always be an object or a display only in their world.

– Never accept invitations to a group or activities from complete stranger. You will never know when they will just use you for their purposes. VCF’s Lifebox is an exception or campus ministries like InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Campus Crusades or Navigators. Better know them -they will protect you from pain and bad influence. Remember this from Psalms 1:1

” Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers..”

– Once or thrice in a week -update us what is going on with you-through text message or Facebook Account. Any short message will do.

– Don’t hesitate to call or inform us f you need something that is not available there in Los Baños.

– If chased by undesirable elements-always look for crowded public places-like Jollibee or Mcdonalds or similar establishment-and get help form the crew. I’ll pay them later with my appreciation.

–  Do not be tempted to try any alcoholic drinks. Or any drink from any stranger-they might include some mind-bending or numbing or tranquilizers with it. Wine is over rated-or like beverages- they are really not that good in taste. People enjoy it with good company or if they want to dull their senses because of head and heart aches.

– Always pray before sleeping-like the prayer I taught you since you are all small:

“Thank you Lord for the whole day,

Thank you for protecting me

Thank you Lord for Mommy and Daddy

For my two Lolas

For Kuya Rayuel, Me-mai, Raniel and Raviel,

Forgive my sins Oh Lord

Wash me by the blood of your Son

May you give me rest the whole night

May your Spirit be in my dreams

May I awake in Your Presence in the morning.

In Jesus, Most Precious Name, Amen”

I will add to this -once I have something in mind.


2 responses to “To My Daughter- June 2012

  1. Caroline will be living with her sister this fall, and coming home three days a week to take classes at a local college. When she graduated, she was sure she was headed to her “dream school”, but you don’t always know where life will take you! After weeks of panicking over not having everything she needed for college, like a reliable car, she decided it was best to stay home (plus, it’s super cheap!) If everything works out, she’ll transfer to that dream school in the spring!

  2. Here a few quotes from Deb that she has in her Bible that she really likes and would like to share: God formed us, Sin deformed us, Christ transforms us. If you can think of nothing for which to give thanks, then you have a poor memory. When you pray, it’s better to have a heart without words, than words without heart. When God forgives, it’s time to forget! Balancing the budget is like going to heaven. Everybody wants to do it. They just don’t want to do what you have to do to make the trip. ~ Sen. Phil Gramm Keep looking up, for He is always looking down. Prayer is the answer, no matter what the question.

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