Protocols and Systems

Protocols and Systems

The real sad story regarding “Thrilla in NAIA3” is that there seems to be no protocol on how ground stewardess or any personnel of Cebu Pacific on how to inform AHEAD their passengers that their baggage will be off loaded and be brought by another airline on the next flight. (See

The ground stewardess (not the one in the picture-which is their typical uniforms) also doesn’t know the protocol on how to deal with difficult customers-and let Claudine vent her steam in front of the desk.  So it is really not the fault of the personnel –but of the company. Except that if the stewardess forgot her training-and mishandled the situation-but her supervisor should be there to take it from her.

And there is the NAIA3 CCTV and their security personnel (See  Systems should be there to protect our security-we pay our hard earned pesos as taxes –and all we heard are excuses- that this is already under final deliberation and negotiation. Adminstrator of NAIA3 –how long was this terminal working?  1month? 2 months? (See So enough time for excuses –but instead apologize to the public.

I also understand that the guards really tried to separate the 2 camps but they till did their melee in the baggage section-in 2 rounds. Where is your detention office? Where are your supervisors-who should know better to separate them immediately? Where are your protocols for something violent happening inside our international airport?

Sir- Secretary Roxas (I voted for you po as Vice President) don’t trivialize this (see – our treasure is our people, our culture and our scenery-and it was seen badly over the media. This should be rectified immediately.If you cannot handle tyhis properly-doubts will linger on your hands-on capability later.

So how should it be done?

1)     They could have prevented the fight from escalating if they were doing their jobs by watching any potential problems that could occur such as this. Since the CCTV camera is not working they should have been instructed to be more alert and be ready for any kind of situation/commotion.

2)      They should have prevented the fight. They did not control the situation DURING the fight and they did not assert their AUTHORITY AFTER the fight.. Santiago and Tulfo  should have been cuffed and probably get the police involved. Question. After the fight when Raymart was trying to talk to Tulfo, what did the Security do to prevent him from another confrontation?

3)      Their SUPERVISORS still refuse to see the flaws with the system.  If the security personnel were confused. They should be trained what to do in any type of situation. What if this is merely a diversion to real terrorist attack.


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