My Youngest Son’s Circumcision

Yesterday-May 8, 2012 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM undergo his circumcision at Healthway Clinic at 2nd floor of Festival Mall . It was handled by the same doctor that did my second son’s circumcision.


Like last time -I also have problems with my health-card regarding the payment -or is-this-covered-by-my-health-card question. Only after my blood pressure went up and I insisted with the nurse that they better re-checked this with HMO-that it was confirmed that it was covered. Even so -later the operating doctor requested for additional fee since the health card only covers so little (similar to the dorsal slit circumcision instead of the coronary circumcision which was done to my son). In this life we have taxes, traffic jams and HMO misunderstanding on coverage.

Afterwards with my other son-Raniel and my wife- we took a quick dinners at Greenwich so that Raviel can have his medicine for pain and swelling-Advil- but since it took him more than a hour to wake up and lose the dizziness-he was not to keen on eating his dinner or swallowing the medicine.

Before boarding the taxi – he vomited everything he ate-but felt well afterwards. We boarded an FX going home-and was able to be there bu 7:20 PM. Mys on immediately went to he room and slept ahead of us. Because of the heat (of this summer) joined him in the air-conditioned room and also took my rest.

Around 1:00 AM of the next day-my wife took out the dressing of the wound-as instructed by the doctor. It took awhile and my son felt the pain while the gauze was being peeled. With the help of my son Raniel- she was able to complete this -and for us to sleep again.


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  1. The ritual involves a rabbi or mohel removing the wound’s blood with his mouth, said The Daily News, which noted that this practice has been criticized by health officials who say it carries “inherent risks” for babies. Metzitzah b’peh takes place during the circumcision ritual of the bris ceremony. The rabbi or mohel, removes the penis’ foreskin and sucks blood from the wound to cleanse the area, explained The New York Times.

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