A Preliminary Christian Statement of Faith

I do love Confessions of Faith -and are ministered by generations of Christians on what is proper content of one’s faith.

However-we must-at one point or another must learn to frame our own-based on our readings of the Bible. Now-how to go about it?

What doctrines then are important? Start with NT Epistles of Apostle Paul- He is the Apostle to us Gentiles- And write what he tries to expound and defend- those things will be the content of your preliminary NT Statement of Faith.

Some pastors or churches keep saying that the Bible is their creed-and then acts like the Pope-since no one can know what the church stands for-and no one can contradict him. He-the pastor is the church statement of faith. Stop saying the “Bible is my creed” -without specifying what the contents of that creed. Emphasize what the NT emphasized . And then carry it to practice. Especially within the local church.

Some pastors will not define their church government or polity-so they can have freedom of movement -without accountability to the elders nor the congregation. Neither congregational nor Presbyterian- not even Episcopal. Not being accountable-they stray more and more to tyranny and dictatorship-and use Apostle or Prophet as their titles.

If they had read the new Testament epistles on Paul,John,Peter and Jude-they will see that defining what “the Faith” is a matter of obedience and ministry. It is just a matter of obedience-and some pastors wants their own agenda-and are plain disobedient.

I will post my own research sometime-and I need your own feedback and research too.


One response to “A Preliminary Christian Statement of Faith

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