Pure Speculation-Angels, Man and God

The Devil is a creature of time-as is man. The devil , with greater knowledge and power –after being created sees  God as immediately as his rival and tried to usurp power and tried to act like God. But they were repelled. He promised to avenge himself against God. But he is inutile-not able to create or reproduce himself.

God lies outside time. Eternity is not within time-but outside of it. Time is His creation-and it started when He started creating. But before He created the creation –He had many simulations in eternity. It is as if the real thing is happening. A million simulations outside of time. He sees that man with freedom will always choose to sin-and will lead to two scenarios. A Bosnis-Serbian continual civil war or a Hitlerian Nazi Germany type of scenario.  A living hell on earth.

 He also sees the devil striking immediately after He created man. This is for maximum efficiency. Pollute the source-pollute the whole earth. Instead of a Kingdom of God-it will be a kingdom of Hell on earth.

God love the Son before time. He wants to give the Son a gift-his own people loving Him willingly. The Spirit is one with this. The Son wants to offer this nation to the Father as his willing servants. But these will not happen without allowing man with freedom –and allowing the devil too. But God is freer than anybody in the Universe. He can work out His plan within this ‘limits’ –for He is God.

When Satan saw the creation of Man –He sees Adam as an attempt by God to raise an army against him-and so He strike immediately-not waiting for a future time that Adamic men will be numerous and will not be easy to defeat.

By tempting Adam and have his part in hs rebellion-he created an army of slaves to his will-instead of children of God-and so He thought.

The Fall of Man necessitated the entry of the Son into time and space. He now has a mission –in order to show His love to the Father-He has to redeem these people to give glory t the Father. By giving glory to the Father-the Son and Spirit will also be glorified. The Sin of Adam and the rebellion of the devil makes the atonement and incarnation of the Son a necessity.

But the devil does not know how God will do it . He has only a power paradigm. He will always tries to work within this paradigm. He knows morals is related to this –and so that is where He also mastered –in terms of Old Israel.

Man and the devil cannot see all the works of God-since some of it is outside of time. They are just creatures of time.When Jesus came into history –the devil thought that God is trying again to make another army alongside fallen Adam. A fleshly kingdom-much like what the Da Vinci noel is suggesting.The devil’s paradign is  always about power-so He is blind to God’s way f achieving His glory.

God’s glory is in Jesus kingdom of service and sacrifice. Just like love is. God will fulfill His kingdom-and will defest satan in God’s terms. Man will willingly love and serve Jesus-eevn though God will always intervene in History in order to that this will happen without further molestation from the devil. He is under a tight leash by God. He does not know this –but God works in mysterious ways.

Satan thinks by polluting the gene pool of adam-he can also pollute is psychological make-up of men. And they in turn will pollute their environment. Attack Adam at the beginning-and you maximize the fall’s effect. The kingdom of God will be toppled-while it is just beginning.

But Jesus will change the gene pool frame of reference. It will be based on the Spirit’s influence upon men. Not by will of men or will of a husband or father-nor by any flesh-will the children of God be born. They will be born by the Spirit and from above. Another intrusion of eternity into time. The devil cannot see us until we are converted-and have faith in Jesus. But once we are borne again-we are sealed in ownership by the Spirit.


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