Not Going Down…Yet

Last Monday-i almost left the world i.e. I thought I was. I got a big headache and neck ache -and my blood pressure is around 170/110.

I experienced some anxiety attacks-and when it is late in the evening that I will be alone awake at night-I called my eldest -and my other children to plead to the Lord -for me-i experienced some respite. The Lord answered our prayers .

I was able to sleep off and on that night. The next day was still a struggle. My blood pressure was still high though. By afternoon-I was able to visit Dr Roman de leon Jr -a friend with Gideon’s -and he prescribed me Catapres. After 1 hour-I experienced relief in my head.

The next day I went to Sta Rosa Clinic -and was given Co-approvel as replacement of what I was taking before. I hope this will solve my BP problems.


2 responses to “Not Going Down…Yet

  1. Ray,

    Count me in with those praying for you.

  2. Thanks Brother. I was given additional medicine-Symbastatin. I am now back at work at the Sta Rosa , Laguna Office

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