Tithes:Mandatory or Voluntary?

Teachers and pastor who mixes grace and law -always end up with more law and not grace. Grace giving is NOT tenth percent plus more. It is no percentage. It is a response to actual needs of people in need, people who shared the Word. People who trave distances just to disciple others.

It is based on the need to help and support other Christians and workers in their plight and mission. It is not measured -or it will no longer be of grace. Jesus doesn’t need to give himself-but He did. His siblings )Christians) don’t need to give but gave anyway because of love for others.

Do you love someone because it is required from you? Then you probably don’t know love at all. If it is voluntary-then it is not mandatory. If it is mandatory-then how can it be voluntary? Like a toll fee-you may voluntary withheld the payment-but I am sure they will not let you leave the Expressway without the payment. SO it is mandatory. Now use that in church offerings and tithings. They may say it publicly that it is voluntary-buy they will also say that you are a robber if you withheld it. You will be also put into a curse of the devourer-and the blessings of heaven will not pour into you.

Others say it this way: Is tithing mandatory-they say “no”-you need to be a cheerful giver. Is the value 10 % mandatory-and they say “yes”. SO I am confused. Others say it is both voluntary-but to be sure- make it always 10% and above. Now I am more confused. They really need the money.

Some say yes to both questions-but they say they don’t enforced it. Who enforces it then? I think they would like God to do the enforcing. Maybe they should have asked the Lord Jesus first- if this is part of His covenant which he instituted in the Lord’s table and completed in his death and resurrection.

What is true giving? Grace giving? Not OT Laws .Not performance giving. But giving because you cannot stop laughing while givng. No need to show off but thanking the ONE who gave His life for you. You may consult http://www.generousgiving.com for a detailed view on this.

My question is if the old Armstrong Worldwide Church of God got it right on “Grace”-how come other Christians are not getting it? Is it because of unclear,unfocused thinking? Does not want to reach the true conclusion of their premises. This is really an assault to justification by grace.

They hid under blessings. Do you know that every Jubilee (every 49th year) in the OT times-Israelites are not required to tithe? Where in the NT have you heard someone preached about Jubilee?

The Biblical Jubilee. All lands return to original owners. The 50th year -no seeds are planted. The land is rested.

The answer: Jesus started his ministry with the Jubilee in mine when he preached in a synagogue at Luke 7. No crops-no tithes. Jubilee-means rest and freedom. Can you understand the implications of that ?


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