Others better than ourselves

Foolish and selfish. Now foreign tourist will take second thoughts before going here.And our police force is not that good either. Too slow and not thinking that much-arresting relatives in the sight of the media. And the media? They need to have a macro view of our country.
The ombudsman,the media, the mayor nor his fellow policemen did not hijack,held hostage and pulled the trigger on those 8 innocent Hong Kong nationals. He is not a patriot-he is not thinking the repecussion on his actions on his fellow Filipinos in Hk. His brother? He is a gun-toting hotheaded police that the service can do without.
He deserves punishment in the here and now-as well as in the hereafter. The other people mistakes are only professional-but his is MORAL.
His plea that he is innocent of previous charges is drown now by his later actions. If he can waste other people lives-surely a little extortion is within his capability-whether it is true or not.Now in the hereafter-he will learn true justice in the hands of Eternal.
We rather die that others may be able to live. That what our Lord taught us. That is what is to be a Christian. Others are better than ourselves.
Other think upside down. Too much importance is place on oneself. All our yesterdays,skills, wealth and even our tomorrow is for those who will come after us. That is the lesson of life. We are not important. Only after realizing this-can we start living true to our reason for being.

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