The King, the future and Judgment

Preached on August 15, 2010


The need for relevance may drown out the voice of the Lord-We need a word on our finances, health- education, weather, environment, and even our leisure. For we have a lot of things to do and we need to make wise decisions. For there are relevant things that we need to prioritize.

But these things we need to see only through his eyes –from his priorities and perspectives.

We will know what is really important in this world-if we first listen to His heart- and not from our cares.

The Title of my message is “The King, the future and Judgment”

This pertains to the 3 points division of the message and our text:

  1. Verses 2-6 Before the King
    1. Disobey v 2
    2. Resign/Desertion v 3a
    3. Rebel and Question v 3b-4
    4. Discernment: Time and Procedure v 5-6
    5. Verses 7-9 No power to hold the Future
      1. No one has the power v 7-8
      2. Person over others v 9
      3. Verses 10-13 Judgment will come
        1. The Wicked honored v10
        2. The Wicked not executed v 11
        3. It will be well v 12
        4. It will not go well v 13


  1. Read Verse 1 :

Wisdom makes the face bright-and soft: though he does not have all the answers to all the questions-he has at least the right perspective on situations.

I remember of Pastor Maas about the Old Pastor always seating in the train station who always smiles when a train leaves the station….

Wisdom is really needed like in the situation of a minister of a king. Solomon is one such king and he has studied it-with his God-wisdom-he has decided to share his knowledge here. Oriental, Near East Monarchs or Kings held absolute power –such as the Pharaoh, the Caesars, the Alexanders, and sTsars. Much like Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse tung and Idi Amin of this world. There are few good and great kings. Much of them are worse and evil. And we must be wise in behaving before them.

If we are commanded by him- good or evil –what are our options?

  1. Verses 2-6 Before the King
    1. Disobey v 2-If we are commanded to do something wrong or distasteful or evil-we may opt to disobey and not follow his command. Except that it should be not done lightly. For we are commanded elsewhere in Scriptures to submit to authorities and some have sworn (contract) to obey them. And there is a threat of punishment from then king in verse 5.

If we disobey them-it will be interpreted as arrogance and disloyalty so we have to use this as last resort.

  1. Resign from the position-desertion or AWOL v. 3a

This may not be in-front disobedience. It will be seem an indirect actions-but it will be ultimately be seen as a disobedience too. Much like when workers flee from the presence of their boss-so they will not be asked to do something-or like my children who pretends to have an earphone and listening to music.

  1. Conspire with others to rebel –v 3b to 4

This is the most dangerous. It was used by Enrile and Ramos, Gringo Honasan, Against Erap, Against GMA-and it is a testimony to our forgiving attitude that few died doing these. But but for others-this is seen as treason –and meted with death or incarceration. Remember Valkyrie-about the plot to kill Hitler-they died by hanging or firing squad.

There are situations that we –we rather obey God than men-Acts 5:29

And who can stay the hand of a king. He –once in a while consult with others-but he does not need to. He can do whatever he pleases.

  1. Or we can wait for the proper time and procedure/response/manner v. 5-6

A wise man will screen out or filter his feelings and his need for immediate action. A fool will blurt out what he is thinking-and will show his true feeling in his actions. Nagpapakatotoo daw-pero this is dangerous before a superior-especially a King who has power over life and death.

Parang stocks iyan-may time para mag buy o sell o hold on to things. Parang bakit ngayon lang gumagawa ng Shopwise sa Pacita. Dahil ang Sm nasa Tunasan at Sta Rosa na. Wala nang mas malapit.

Bakit yung iba ay bumibili lang pag sale at not before.

Wisdom teaches us to be patient-wait for the proper time and manner of actions. Esther was able to save her people because she waited her turn to be called and lobby her position for her people. Same with Nehemiah who was able to rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem-for he knows how to wait on Darius the Mede or Artaxerxes.

2.  Verses 7-9 No power to hold the Future

  1. No one has the power v 7-8

Even the king is powerful-he is also limited. He cannot know the future.Here the King shares with common humanity. He cannot control the wind, the time of his death.And when a war is started-one cannot take time-out in a battle. Di yan touching rubber or bomb sack or taguan na laro –na may time out muna. In real life-many things happen all at once –thus you cannot halt it.

Just because you have the power-the money-the guns-you can delay the day of judgment. Those who killed the journalist and women –should know this. It will still some. Those who massacred people in Bosnia, Laos, North Vietnam, Burma and so many places in the world-will face death later.

We willcomment on the wind later.

  1. Person over others v 9

There are times that one man had a lot of power over other men. And this is not right. He uses this to take advantage of the situation-to accumulate more wealth, power, over other men.

But they don’t know that as they dehumanize other men-they too-changed. From men to monsters. God can forgive any sins-but as we go deeper in our sins-either in depth or breadth-it affects our souls-our selves-and it gets harder to repent. The sin, the flesh and the devil had taken control of us- And it is to harm that our control over others –is really a lost of control of ourselves. It harms us.

3. Verses 10-13 Judgment will come

a)       The Wicked honored v10

But sometimes it does seems so –the wicked when they die or thrown out of office-they are evn honored to be given wake or necrological services inside the churches-temple-places for those who are holy and live a good life. But since they are still powerful-it seems that people forgot how to treat them rightly.

b)       The Wicked not executed v 11

And then there is a delay in judgment-it seems they have long life. They can even have the finest doctors from abroad. Their sons and grandchildren are around their bedsides when they sick.

Some weak men-take this that there is really no God who sees –and they are tempted to do more evil. For we do follow the herd. If there is line here-we follow it without asking. If no one will take notice of our evil actions-we thought it means that it is allowed. See in our garbage we throw in the windows of PUJ/PUB. Why in Hkong or Singapore –we are law-abiding? For justice there is swift and regular. No if or buts.

c)       It will be well v 12

But there is an assurance that later those who fear God will be taken care of. In this life-and especially in the next-which is longer.

d)       It will not go well v 13

The wicked will be cut short. His shadow will not lengthen. Later God will cut his life short.  And this true. They don’t exist forever. Whether they are powerful now-and even like Kings.


  1. We as masters, supervisors, team leaders-sometimes we hold the life of our subordinates-and their families –in our hands. We tried our best to decide in wisdom and fairness to others. And we don’t want t be accused of dominating others to their harm. We want to make the lives of others for the better. We don’t want others talking in our backs-saying that they hope that we are dead or burning in hell for the oppression we apply against them. We dare not –make unbelievers blasphemed the name of the Lord-because of our harshness or injustice we pursue those under us. For we are mere stewards of the authority and power given to us.
  2. As subordinates, workers-we dare not disobey, desert, or rebel against our supervisors or masters-because of small things-petty things. We must accord to them proper respect and obedience. We dare not speak ill or against them in their backs. We must wish them well and pray for them. So that they will wisdom, health, guidance as they lead us. There might come a time when we have to resign and even combat against them face to face. But we must first know the proper time and manner to express our disagreement with them. But yes-there are some circumstances that we rather obey God than men

Like my 2nd job-Safety engineer-LLDA- bribe for more time on effluents and sewerage treatment plant.

  1. It seems that these are all commands that we need to do. And it is hard command. It gets harder as we grow older. Where is grace? Where is the Lord?

The king who has the powerful word and who really can do what he pleases –is the Lord Jesus. And he knows everything even our future –And yes the wind? The same word for Ruach-Spirit –proceeds from him-and he has control over him. No battle, no wars –no death happens without his Sovereign will.

He is also the one who entered the Temple to clean it. And yet the first time he came here-he was not considered righteous –but as wicked and he died outside the city. Judgment against hi was fast-in fact illegally so.

Yet because of him-those who fear him-wll will go well with them. His death and resurrection makes sure that t will be so. He guaranteed it.

It is to him that our truest loyalty resides-we can be sure to give hearts to him because he will never be unfair or put us into an unjust situation-for he had already gone through it-And he can sympathize to those who experiences evil in this world. To Him –it will be easier serve with our whole lives. So don’t hold back-he is not human king or master filled with mistakes and imperfections.


Read Ephesians 6: 5-9

Slaves and Masters

5 Slaves, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling, with a sincere heart, as you would Christ,

6 not by the way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart,

7 rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man,

8 knowing that whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord, whether he is a slave or free.

9 Masters, do the same to them, and stop your threatening, knowing that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and that there is no partiality with him.


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