The Children of the King

This was an allegory I used to teach the kids (5-10 years old) who were recipient of the gifts (for Christmas Season) of Samaritan Purse-but due to large backlog in shipping loads-it arrived in March 2010 instead.

 The Children of the King

 There was a kind and generous king

Who has a kingdom where people have everything they need.

Outside of the city walls is a big garden with trees and flowers of many varieties

This is where the children of the city play.

They were called the “Children of the King”- for the King loves them so

It was guarded by the best soldiers of the kingdom can offer.

It has a gate flowing to the forest and the plains

One day an ice cream man station outside of the gate

Gave them ice cream-if they would step out of the gate

And when the children went out of the garden-the pirates, thieves

Kidnapped all the children who left the garden.

All of them were outside the garden –when the pirates swoop over them

They took them to a faraway land

Where they become slaves

Amongst the many children of that land

The King sent his Son

The Prince to find a way

To rescue them

There in the faraway land

He went there in disguise –with some of his trusted lieutenants

However, someone betrayed them

And they were all killed

One by one-including the prince

They put the prince in the city walls

Near a tree –as a warning to those who will rescue the kids

How can the children of the King be able to go back home now?

Before the prince died-he was able to find and talk with the children

And he left them with his instruction and promise.

“I will return and take you home”

The Prince was able to send His Father

A coded message thru a dove he brought

To the faraway land

Included was his strategy of regaining the children.

The King-His father was to send gift boxes to all children of the faraway land

The postman of that land is a spy himself-and was there for a long time

He will observe the response of the children to the gift of the King.

The Prince said to the postman:

Those who read the card attached to the gift-

And read it first-and then weep or smile after they read it

With these words written-“I will return and take you home”

You will know that they are the children of the King

Those who throw out the card without reading them

And just open the gift box-

They are the children of the faraway land

The postman was commanded by the King

To seal or write with an invisible pen on the arms of the children of the king

What is written in the arms of the children?

“Loved by the Prince”

Then one day –the armies of the King came down

In all their splendor and dreadful countenance

Ahead of them are the paratroopers

That entered the city of the faraway land and

Freed the all the slaves

And separated the children of the King

By the seal they have in their arm

Written is “Loved by the Prince”

The armies of the King defeated the army

Of the pirates and thieves


And the children was able to go back

To the Kingdom and the Garden

Where they were abducted.

Who is the king?

Who is the prince?

 If you have been marked with seal-you will know it too.


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