Doctrinal vs. Practical Preaching-A False Antinomy


Many preachers like to control their preaching duties-so they prefer to preach their favorite topics. They always preach doctrines they love and where they are well-versed. They hop from one verse to another. The outline of  their message is formed in his mind-usually the application and illustrations for their message is formed first before the normal outline of the passage -if ever he has a main passage. 

So if they preached a doctrinal message -it will be based more on what he wants to say than what the Lord is saying in His Word. Then-his congregation will get tired of this kind of preaching. It will be his pet doctrines all over again .

So they switched to practical preaching. Things to inspire, things for his congregation to do. But still it is still the outline in his mind that controls his preaching. Hoping from one verse to another. It is never the Lord’s Word that control his study,outline, content, application. It will be his but never the Lord’s. His congregation for  at time will kike this kind  fo preaching-it is more accessible than the last time. But later it will bore them. It is similar to what they can read from the newspaper, magazine and internet. It will not be the Living Word of God. There is no power there.

If only they know expositional preaching -wherein the passage controls the study,outline,content and application he brings. But he can be confident if he do this faithfully-he will be preaching the Word of God-and not his alone. Even if his hearers are offended-he will know that these thinsg happened because he is faithful to the Lord.


One response to “Doctrinal vs. Practical Preaching-A False Antinomy

  1. Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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