Famine in the Land

We already have a famine of the Word of God.

For the past year I am observing in different churches-VCF-Alabang,Word for the World-Makati,Bread of Life, GCF, Union Church of Manila. Most would start with a text-4 churches would continue with it-but only 2 will only really do expository preaching and end with an application that is derived from the text. Most will go on topical preaching and hop from one text to another to finish their message. Their application does not tally with the text.

And these are the big churches. Is there something wrong with our seminaries that taught these pastors? or are these pastors following a different model?

Pastors/Elders -please be faithful preachers of the Word-and we must show faithful and relevant preaching-or this generation and the coming one is lost. We must look into how we teach our children regarding their biblical education. We must show to them that His message is exciting and yet have great depth and breadth. And we must make sure that they read the Word-on their own. They must be conversant and intimate with the biblical text. They must be able understand it within their context and canonical position.


6 responses to “Famine in the Land

  1. Ray, we attended a VCF for several months. Would you believe that their denom. headquarters writes sermons which their pastors then download (and may edit)? Sounds like an excuse for the denom. to control the local churches.

    The preaching we heard was random verse-quoting with little regard for context, interpretation, explaining, and application. And the pastor could not preach a sermon without saying the word “PRO$PERITY” every week.

    We finally left feeling starved for “thus saith the Lord.” Some preachers would do better just to publicly read the Word rather than quote verses out of context, and tell stories.

    “Feed my sheep.” Just proclaim what God has said.

  2. Why is it so hard just to preach from a text with 6-10 verses long? Is it there are many other requirements for a pastor to do-so that he cannot study? When I was preaching-I usually allot Friday evening to Saturday evening just sitting in my desk. Maybe there is some soothing music in the background. Sometimes I have to walk in the subdivision to get some fresh air.Sometimes-He really have to make me pray-because I am not getting it-and I still have no message. Usually when I took a nap in the afternoon or early Sunday-that my research data only makes sense-and I have a message from the Word. It is hard-but I am glad that the Lord is talking in His Word.

  3. A pastor becomes a CEO because he wants to be. To them a teacher seems to be so denigrating. You just have to pass some data to someone -which is already written. Where is the brillaincy in that? So repetitious.

    We do believe in perspicuity of the written Word of God-and the priesthood of all believers-and we encourage them all to study-but the problem is that they thought they can know the Lord without the mediation of the Word i.e. they don’t need to read and study it.

    Some pastors wants dependency-syndrome. They want their members to be spoon-fed by them-everytime.They encourage perpetual spiritual childhood.

    Maturity is a goal-whether it is lifestyle or knowledge, for all of us. Blessed is a church that have pastors that does not renege in their duties of teaching the Word. Blessed are the pastors that the Lord still talks when they study the Word.

    Cursed are those who pretends that they speak for the Him and yet does not study-nor pray when they are preparing their messages. From where does their message comes from?

  4. Why is it so hard just to preach from a text with 6-10 verses long?

    Fear of man, desire for the praise of men, unbelief in the power and sufficiency of God’s Word.

    From where does their message comes from?

    Downloaded from the Internet!

  5. I also download messages from the internet. Thru the Bible, RTS and CTS course discussion, Pastor Driscoll’s messages, John Mac and Charles Swindoll-and somewhere and somewhat it will enter thorugh my messages later.

    But I never preach a message that is in its entirety from another preacher’s . And I always sieve the messages I heard-with the most recent study I made on the passage.

    I heard those preachers who uses downloaded messages from the internet-I never thought they are real though. Are they now actors-instead of preachers?

  6. We can learn from some evangelicals in their use of technology and modern comforts-They in fact should be grateful for these things (Starbucks and all) –

    Reformed churches are usually poor-and I think it is indictment on our ‘giving’-Are we all just talk and yet our hearts are far from loving the brethren? Surely with pastors who can really preach the Word-shouldn’t we be more generous in our giving?

    I also value their use of music-except for the howlers-that disturbs the congregation in their singing . Some new praise and worship songs have depth and breadth -but others tend to be repetitive and overly emotional without much biblical content or message.

    Our Evangelical brethren does not know that they are eating food without much nutritional value-and that their spirits are emaciated. When will they realize? How can we help them ?

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