Too Busy

Since January -I am too busy. Making my commitments to my family, church (San Pedro CRC) and to the office goals work. Around February I was assigned to be the OIC for my team at Service Standards-since our team leader-Engr Gavino is undergoing dialysis three times a week-and it leaves him tired in the morning always.

So I am not posting as many as before-and yet I have at least three bible studies every week-and I am teaching my 4 children once a week through a printed review of the Bible-starting at Genesis.

I am also undergoing online classes with Christian Leaders Institute ( and a MBS at a Brethren website. I am not sure how I can juggle through it. I attended 2 Saturdays in January regarding Biblical preaching at Calamba CRC-then last January 29-30 , I also attended Michael Horton’s theology conference at Quezon City Evangelical Church. It was well-attended by 200+ pastors and church workers

I am teaching 1 John plus Reasons for not Believing during Sunday School-and then “Basics of a Christian Life” for the 10-18 construction workers attending the Saturday bible study. I am also starting this Friday “Basics of the Christian Faith and Salvation” for the office bible study class. I am hoping that I can study 1 John with my wife during Saturdays.

I have not finished my Hong Kong journal, nor transcribed the office bible study notes on Matthew (upto chapter 20), nor finished my recounting of my life.At least -upto the  end of January, 2010 I was able to finished my 1 year commitment as Upkeep Ministry coordinator of Powerhouse church before leaving for San Pedro CRC. I hope can catch up in the later days


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