Chaos and Tyranny

Many would like to think that God allowed man with complete freedon before intervening in his world. However, based on our theological tradition-we sometimes emphasized the other side-we see God as planning and foreordaining everything that will come to pass without any reference to man’s sin and freedom. So you either have the Pelagian or the determinist point of view.And sometimes you also got the supralapsarian variety.

My speculation is that since God’s thoughts is greater than ours and even our actions-from eternity-therefore He run all the available combinations or variations arising from the freedom He gave man-and factoring in the rebellion of Satan-He saw from eternity-in His mind-that men’s freedom will lead him to rebellion.His rebellion instead will lead to a state of utter chaos or utter tyranny. A Serbian/Iraqi civil war situation or a totalitarian state much like Hitler’s or Stalin’s. It will be hell on earth.

From that standpoint-He decided He will make earth-grant man’s freedom-but also decided that He will also actively intervene to save man-not all men-since He  must allow men in their freedom. But He will not allow his good creation to be wasted by a rebel. He is willing to have His Son pay the price of His justice so that He can save men righteously. Thus he both allow both evil to continue -but also actively directs history towards His righteous ends-in fact holy  end. In some sense -this view is infralapsarian-allowing man to fall-then saving him. But it is also supralapsarian-He means to upheld His glory first by rescuing man-who really needs saving.


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