Faithforce to be retired


This was the page for the Upkeep ministry of Powerhouse Christian Community Church -which I served from February 2009 upto the end of January 2010.  I used to  post schedules and announcement here. presentation1

For FaithForce members-this is my usual short orientation:

Footwashing: Orientation for FaithForce

Operation: Cleansweep

Tuesdays: 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM

 Saturdays: 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon PERSONNEL:
1. Sweepers (Every week)
2. Wood Wax Applicators (Every Saturday before the First Sunday of the Month)
3. Concrete Liquid Wax Applicators (Every Third Saturday of the Month)
4. Buffer- Husk or Slippers-type (Main Hall)
5. Mopper-For the 3 Rooms and Main Hall
6. Scourer- For the 2 lavatories
7. Glass Wipers
8. Arrangers- chairs and table,etc


Whole of FaithForce (Front) EG,Mai,Cielo,Ptr Abet,Ebeng,Enye,Ray. (Back) Uel,Gelo,Wilfred,Vilmore,Arnold,Jab and Aldrin

Operation: Retrieval

Wednesday: After the service by 9:00 PM

Sundays:After the service by 12:00 Noon


Retrievers: Ray,WIlfred,Ptr Abet,Arnold and Jab

1. Retrievers- return chairs to end of hall
2. Checkers- Put scraps and waste materials to bins/baskets. Take out plastic bags of bins to ground location


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