Starting the year 2010 this way

In 2010 predictions, Pat Robertson says America under God’s wrath reported by By Bob Allen
Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It reads “….Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson said God’s wrath is looming over a nation headed for economic ruin in his annual predictions for the coming year, aired Jan. 4 on “The 700 Club.” Robertson, 79, has a tradition of ending each year in a prayer retreat and sharing what he believes God tells him during that retreat later at a chapel service for staff …
The problem with Pat Robertson and lke him is that their definition of NT prophecies does not synch with our OT definition of a prophet. They believe in fallible prophecies based on their interpretation of 1 Corinthian.

The question is -does Scripture allows for us to have such divergent definitions-and even after AD 70-are prophecies still allowed? This is not a dispensationalist question-for preterists will also ask such questions. AD 70 is decisive in God’s warning to His OT people of Israel. This covenantal curses are not directed immediately to the nation of the USA.

I think it would be better said that this predictions are based on personal extended applications of God’s Word-not direct prophecies. -Or a personal impression perhaps.

These people are so glib . Let us not use God’s name authority in a haphazard way.


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