Reformation Rally-October 25, 2009


This year’s Reformation Rally was held at Baker Hall of the UP Los Baños campus ground. Churches representing Classis SOuther Luzon and North and SOuth Metro Manila congregate at the humid BAker Hall around 8:30 Am to have a joint liturgical worship service. An American missionary gave the message (sorry-we were late in coming-around 9 AM since San Pedro CRC was 75 men strong and we have to wait for others before leaving San Pedro, Laguna around 8 AM-so I don’t know his name). There was also an ordination of a pastor from Pila CRC.My children and I took lunch outside the campus at a Chowking store. Around 2 PM I took-out hamburger meal from Mcdonalds. The crowd was large and the hall was not enough:


The afternoon session was eventful with some particpation from the different Southern Luzon churches- The music was more contemporaneous and lively this time with at least 4 bands leading the singing. Our church interpreted the Desert Song by Hillsong with a Maranao(?) inspired dance by our feamle youth members. It was well-received by the congregation. The program ended by 3 PM and we left in our own jeepneys. Below are the members of San Pedro CRC that attended the affair:


My daughter and I took some of the pictures -and video-but since our videocam is new-we used the wrong setting (close-up) so the video was blurry. But here is my picture with Baker Hall building at the background:



One response to “Reformation Rally-October 25, 2009

  1. I came across your page purely by accident, but boy, how much do I love how God gives us what we need when we need it. It was a blessing.

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