Got to be a Long Weekend (October 15-19, 2009)

It is kind of busy week. Starting last Thursday-the Men in Powerhouse (MIP) visited me and my family together with their wives. We have a simple late night merienda of pansit and some barbeque.


We have simple bible studies discussing from some scriptures if people experience the absence of God. My answer to the question is that I no longer  doubted God’s existence-but only if what He thinks is good for me-is in the immediate or the current is pleasant experience or good in my perspective. Bro Val narrated his experience where his father was the in-patient of St. Luke’s Hospital for 1.5 years and then died afterwards. Most of his salary and life savings were gone because of that.

I said at the office-we always makes the newbie try the hard stuff so we can see how he can handle and if he really have the right stuff. When he keeps failing-we either helped them or re-assigned other jobs which we can handle. I am not sure if this is the same way God sees it. I also said that I was not able to really answer it-but found comfort in the absurdity of the death of His Son-who was the most righteous person who lived and yet died a criminal or sinners death. Forsaken by God-yethe justified many.

Based on the question of Bro Mar-regarding election which he applied to the members of Pacita Bible Baptist church-especially their smugness-Pastor Ed gave his mediating opinion (between Arminius and Calvin) that though real Christians really don’t fall away from salvation-no man is reprobated-and thus the Lord is willing to elect all men in Christ. It is man who chooses not to be elected. Me-without correcting this erroneous and still Arminian position, pointed our that based Colossians 3:12- the elect or chosen of God must reflect humility and not pride. For we are chosen in him, in Christ-so we cannot really boast of anything-except to boast the election of Jesus first. It is also possible that in Jesus -all men are elected- like the opinion of Barth-since Jesus worth and his death is able to pay the sins of all men-if he intended it in his eternal will and purpose. But we cannot look at election nakedly. It is always in the mirror that shows how Christ suffered-even when he does not merit such death. I also mentioned that in the Canons of Dordt which was the source of the historical five points of Calvinism-it mentioned that election is not of the same weight or ultimacy as that reprobation. Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels-not for unbelieving men. And thought source of election is God’s favor-the source of election is men’s unbelief.

Then by Saturday -I was included in the Powerhouse Annual Vision weekend. I even presented a 10 minutes talk regarding the importance of core values-which was excerpted from my  experience with my utility company. Later in the afternoon we have symbolic end of the day eating of black forest cake from Red Ribbon.


Sunday: I am in the second installment for the Junior High of San Pedro CRC of my series regarding Election and Covenant in the life of Abraham-especially Gen 12:1-20-God called him. Then after the worship service -Rayuel and I returned back around 2:30 pm and attended the zone youth  fellowship of 5 churches affiliated with CRCP.


It started late and dull but it picked up speed in the end-especially with the games, special numbers from Bulihan CRC and Emmanuel Christian Church. I  left SPCRC around 5:30 pm to get my 2 kids from the barbershop.



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