The Floods Brought by Storm Ondoy


My kids and I always clean the Powerhouse Church every Saturday morning around 10 AM. But September 26, 2009 will be different. Early by 9 AM-it started to rain hard-and never let-up until 12 Noon+. After cleaning the church-we prayed for awhile with Aldren-and then tried to go home.

But we cannot-The wind was howling at El Rancho Inn-and my children and I will be wet -even with our jackets on. So we crossed to TEC Cinema building to be sheltered from the storm.But no Jeepney ever stops there-since It is already started to egt flooded. So we walked towards the SM Tunasan building-and waited there for a ride. Around 12 Noon-we were able to board a jeepney which only goes halfway upto the front of RMT Industrial Compound. Boundary San Pedro with its short concrete bridge was flooded-and the currents were strong.

We waited for a CHER Bus to pass through and we were able to ride on it-with my 3 kids (Mai, Enye and Ebeng). I sent my eldest, Uel -ahead for home-while the floods is slightly lower-so he can help my wife in bringing up the equipments and furnitures. My 3 kids and I were able to aloft at 7-11 United San Pedro. We ate our lunch there (donuts with pineapple juice-and took a wee break). Around 2 PM we crossed the flooded National Road and went to the Meralco San Pedro office. We were able to change clothes and dry them with CR blower. The staff and guards of Engr Vic Baylosis’ branch were very helpful and accommodating.

We ate merienda at San Pedro branch-I just some bread from Julie’s bakeshop-and what was left is for the supper of my children who will be left at the branch.

Around 5 PM-after Engr Baylosis cleared my kids staying for the night at the branch-I trekked back towards our house. Along the way with -with abdomen deep waters – the currents were strong, the manholes are uncovered and the street are filled with rocks and what have you. But the Lord prevailed in all of these. I keep calling His name to make the rains stopped and to help me go home. My feet ached during the process but I was able to enter my house @ 6PM. From that time the waters started to recede.

The electric power returned by 9 PM-and I was able to restore the lights and the ordinary convenience outlets -without the water pump. We slept restless. For the next day will be cleaning the muds away. That will be my next story.

I attached some pictures of San Pedro Boundary, my house when the floods started to recede:

Boundary San Pedro

Inside House Yard

Outside House Yard. Next Day


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