Cory Aquino: Leader of the Filipinos


We were awaiting for the funeral casket at my parent’s house at Sucat Road, Parañaque City around 9 AM. It was good that my parents lived there -so we can monitor first where The funeral cortege where before braving the rains and the waiting. The funeral cortege left Manila Cathedral around 11:20 AM. And was at Bicutan interchange by 5:30 PM.


My eldest son and I left my parent’s house by then and waited at the Sucat Exit for the casket truck of the late president ot pass by. There were many Filipinos waiting-but not as large as her husband when it passby Espana Road, Manila in 1983. I was still a student at UST then when her husband died.


She is not a saint-nor the economically brilliant president. We have our rotating brownouts and failed peace missions then. She was not able find justice for her husband and the hundreds of those who died during the misrule of Marcos. We never became a tiger economy then.



But what she did was precious to the soul of the nation. Restoring our faith in the democratic process, civility, trust of our soldiers and military, truth, honesty, sacrificial living, and uncorrupted government officials-no one can equal her. I was a hesistant martial law baby then in 1983 and 1986. We don’t trust the Aquinos then-but we don’t love the Marcoses (with their excesses) either. But her unfailing determination and simplicity strikes as somewhat quixotic and fairy-taleish. We begin to believe the impossible. True-we started believing that God is not only involved and concerned with us personally -but as a nation.


My son and I son followed her casket ruck as well as the van of Kris anf the three busses bearing the Cojuangcos and their friends.


I did not felt the tiredness for the 2.3 km we walked but around 7:30 PM the casket was brought in the Manila Memorial Compound-and so we started the trek back to Sucat Interchange. We ate dinner at Chowking Sucat-and was home at San Pedro, Laguna by 9 PM.


According to– “She was history’s special child—an accidental hero, a reluctant leader, but by many accounts, a stubborn president.”

And based on a comment on the same blog- "I don’t think she failed us, in fact she did more than what can be expected from anyone. She stepped down as she was supposed to, and it meant we have to continue the task of dismantling the monsters of the dictatorship. As we can see from our currently history, the monster is very much alive lurking in the shadows, pretending to be populists, buying shallow leaders. We have a number of promising leaders losing their ideals seduced by money and power, but it doesn’t mean we have to give up."

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I will add more thoughts on this later…


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