A Week of Seminars

I just fininished teaching 4 days and 3 types of seminars/ forums. The first and second batches audience consist of Sales and Service Quality Engineers -while the third and fourth batches consist of Metering Services and Security engineers from different sectors. The last and fifth batch consist of  developers, contractors and consultants who were interested regarding the different changes in the Philippine Electric utility-especially with regards with primary-metered customers whose load demand is between 150-999 kVA. Now they can opt to be metered at the primary voltage.

Due to clamor of the following customers, our company is now offering this alternative:

1. Farms


2. Military bases


3. Memorial Parks


4. Buildings which cannot meet the stringent requirements for the location of our transformers.


4. Need for utilzation voltage other than 230,400 and 460 volts.



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