“Critical Time” change to: “Grace thru Faith”

at the cross

Last year I adopted the blog title- “Critical Time”  because I was experiencing such critical time where I have to choose a lot of things and make decision that will not only affects me -but also my family and friends.I also got it from project management lingo like critical path and the like. It meant that there are some moments and duration of time that are critical-important to a project management life cycle.

This concept is still important to me but the term has another negative connotation that I have want to do away with. It is not meant to be critical of others-It is meant to emphasize that I, personally have to make critical decisions about theology and faith. That these decisions have to be done and  done with deliberation and considerable wisdom.

grace thru faith

So I want to emphasize now what theological concept that will encompass my [present concerns. It should be the Lord Jesus Christ-but that will not be original or unique. And I also want to emphasize the human side of the equation. Not grace only but also by faith. So my blog now is “Grace thru Faith” . So you will read a lot about the doctrines of grace, common grace and the like. You will also read a lot about baptism and its application to the cultural items that pass me by.

But I will still be involved, I hope and God-willing in training others-as many have trained me before. I juist want to make use of their gifts to me by sharing it to others. SO I am thinking of forming a parachurch organization-God willing- called TIME- which means “Timothy Institute & Mentoring Enterprise “. I hope to teach module courses in theology, bible and doctrinal surveys. I still think, with qualifications, that the Three Forms of Unity-Belgic Confession,Heidelberg Cathechism and Canons of Dordt-are still good templates to have a broad,clean and short summary of the Christian Faith. But I also believe that the insights of the New Covenant must be used -so to steer it to better biblio-theological future.

So Grace thru Faith – (in Jesus Christ our Lord) -will be now its name.


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