I Am Against Cults!


Read this and be angered:


All these years -I have studied the brainwashing and love bombing of some pf these groups-some are obvious like the Mormon church, Maranatha Christian Ministries, Seventh Day Adventist, the old Worldwide Church of God, Iglesia ni Kristo, Ang Dating Daan-but some are below the radar-even within Fundamentalist and Evangelical churches, and networking groups-with wolves as their pastors.


Beware! Jesus Christ is our only Lord-no other-and its non-transferrable.


3 responses to “I Am Against Cults!

  1. I am completely with you on this one!!!

    • It is usually the leaders who preys upon the members-never the other way. History is replete with such examples.

  2. Thankyou for posting this account of the Forever Family/ Church of Bible Understanding.[COBU]
    Alot has happened since the writing of this article, but to have it as a warning to the youth today, so they can avoid the pitfalls of manipulative charismatic leaders who are actually wolves-in-sheeps-clothing, is important. No young person wants to admit to being naiive, but they are~! While some are not as easily manipulated as others, enough are easy to manipulate. Why should any who see to serve God be detoured onto such a road to ruin, based on not finding right fellowship at an early age, shows how so many fall prey to the devil’s devices to which were were admonished not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices.

    Test the spirits, hold fast to that which is good~God alone is good – so we need to study & show ourselves as workmen approved, rightly dividing the Word of Truth – How? By taking heed according to the Word – The Spirit & the Word ALWAYS AGREE- If you are ever at an impasse that disturbs your spirit within, know that its time to be still so you can know God’s will ~ Ask, seek & you will be found by HIM. Read your bible, pray, do the things that Jesus did, follow Him & prove to be HIS disciple, not mans~ Man will always disappoint you IF you rely on someone else to be your conduit to the Holy Spirit, you are already losing the battle~

    Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding. The Holy Spirit puts eternity into the hearts of men and will most certainly warn you that this is the way, to walk in it.
    When my heart became troubled over the transition I saw taking place with the Cobu, part of me feared being alone if I left them, but I came to see that it was necessary to leave them as I could see that the Holy Spirit was directing me to go and not listen to Stewarts lies any longer.

    I did slip and fall on and off for several years following my departure from Cobu, but the Lord picked me up and set my feet on higher ground. Getting back into His word and rejecting the thoughts in my own head as I sought God was the beginning of my path to freedom.

    Test the spirits, take every thought captive, hold fast to that which is good- God alone is good…There is safety in a multitude of counselors… Thy Statutes are my counselors…

    Reading the Word, seeking HIM, not leaning on your own understanding… asking for wisdom and understanding… asking for proof… asking to be guided by the Holy Spirit… asking for discernment to expose the works of darkness including the seducing religious spirits like Legion~ [for they are many!]

    Sure you may trip and fall at times, but the Lord will pick you up and you will learn to hear that still small voice as you are delivered from those whispering spirits that speak lies to your mind and heart. If you seek to be honest with yourself, you can reject all the good works you might get the idea to do that would simultaneously elevate you within the church you may attend. We are saved by grace not by works, yet works will follow us who know we are saved by grace~Walk in the Spirit and do not gratify the desires of the flesh- in that your motivation must always be to serve God purely. If not purely, then you deceive yourself. The ends never justify the means as the Holy Spirit searches the hearts and minds of men and you know deep down inside yourself whether your motives are right or wrong in whatever you do~!!

    Don’t quench the Spirit~! Listen to that small inner voice that says ‘this is the way, walk in it’.. dont deceive yourselves into thinking you can join a movement that while your heart will give you pause to consider your action, dont over ride sound judgment just because you see others walking down the path you have been considering…. there is a way that seems right to a man but its end is the way to death… In that day many will say ,” Lord we did many works in your name” – but He will say “Begone I know you not!’…

    We live in perilous times and satan’s religious demons have infilitrated churches and false doctrines and compromises are happening.The true church is the remnant of believers who are still serving God with their whole heart.It may be within a church or fellowship or it may be alone on a hilltop~ but being ready to always give account of the trust and hope you have in Him and keeping your mind stayed on Him and exercising self control in that you wait upon the Lord to renew your strength instead of going off half baked into endeavors that are not of God.

    Proverbs has so many contrasting verses that show you the right and wrong way and consequences, that you will do well to study the letters of Paul as well as Proverbs, to set a firm foundation for reading and seeking understanding of the Word of God.Do nothing from vain conceits, but in humility and obedience, you can let your light so shine before men, no matter what church you belong to.
    Ave Hurley

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