Manny Pacquiao for Congressman

Pacquiao Hatton BoxingThough other politicians are convincing him not to run for Congress-citing that, though he is great boxer-it will be better for him to remain one and assist his fellowmen or especially his hometown neighbors as a philanthropist.

Though he lost to Congresswoman Custodio (my favorite during the GMA impeachment process) -he said that he always rise from any defeat-so I doubt if others can beat him there now.

The GMA party-LAKAS is wary of Pacquiao of having his own party-People’s Champ Movement-since it is alleged that they might not be able to tap the millions of Manny. If it is true, he will also against the ruling party-and might be the guest candidate of the opposition.

I believe that Manny is not only maturing as a fighter-but as an individual. I would advise him the following:

1. He can still finish a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.

2. Take a paralegal course-maybe from Manila Times school

3. Hire a lawyer, an accountant and a engineer/technocrat (as his staff )-who came from humble beginnings and will not betray his ideals and aspirations.

4. Have her wife go to legitimate business and philanthropic endeavors-this will take care of his hard-won winnings.

5. Hire a personal -or even part-time, chaplain-either from the Charismatic Catholic movement or Born-again movement.

If his kababayan will not make him win come 2010-maybe he can try to relocate here in Laguna-where his children are studying.

As of now, he will not be tempted to use his Countrywide Development Fund (pork barrel) and his kababayan will be sure to get the 100% of this in his projects-but he must remain humble and simple in order for this to happen -he must beware of what Ecclesiastes said in 2:18-21 (the whole book is in fact very appropriate for him to know):

18 So I loathed all the fruit of my effort,
for which I worked so hard on earth,
because I must leave it behind in the hands of my successor.
19 Who knows if he will be a wise man or a fool?
Yet he will be master over all the fruit of my labor
for which I worked so wisely on earth!
This also is futile!
20 So I began to despair about all the fruit of my labor
for which I worked so hard on earth.
21 For a man may do his work with wisdom, knowledge, and skill;
however, he must hand over the fruit of his labor as an inheritance
to someone else who did not work for it.
This also is futile, and an awful injustice!

The real enjoyment is to be with the Lord and be used by Him in this life.

Mabuhay ka Manny!


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