Footwashing: Orientation for FaithForce

Feet Washing

Many of Jesus follower would like to follow his footsteps-and be like his assistant. They imagined him as King-and they their deputies. But Jesus-is our master and he taught them a good lesson in humility and leadership-by making everyone equal. If you want to be lilke me-then be like me. The washing of the feet is supposed to be the lowliest job for a slave-with all the mudcake encrusted on a Palestinian inhabitants.

By making everybody-be a servant-then everyone will not feel at  a lost. Everybody becomes servant of all-servant of everybody.

Though there is a functional need for leaders-it is not metaphysical status-which is like in Catholic/Anglican/Mormon hierarchy. It is needed for local churches to function and have one direction. Leaders are just ordinary members who matured emotionally,intellectually, and spiritually. It is giftedness that can be learned through training, humility and availability.

Leaders must know how to do the job-on their own-before aspiring for being a manager or supervisor in a church setting. Like Peter and Paul-they are well-rounded in terms of their facing up with their dark sides and with respect to missional settings. Those who have not gone through this-tends to expect the impossible from their members/ subordinates. Experience must make us humble and patient with respect to others failings and weaknesses.

In the story of the sinful woman washing the feet of Jesus and anointing it with perfume-it shows how we followers of Jesus should treat devotion to Him. It must be total abandon-extravagant-and joyful act. Nothing neutral about it-it is totally extreme. But it is non-transferable. No pope, pastor, minister, ‘sugo’, apostle, prophet or imam can take His place. It is only to Jesus -we are ultimately responsible.

So-let us serve the Lord-even in this way-or should I said-especially in this way.


One response to “Footwashing: Orientation for FaithForce

  1. Hi, nice post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be coming back to your posts.

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