Movie Review:Nights At Rodanthe


Plot summary from Wikipedia:

While picking up his son and daughter for a weekend visit, Jack (Christopher Meloni) tells his estranged wife Adrienne (Diane Lane) that he wants to move back home. Adrienne says she needs time and space to think. It is made clear that Jack left his family for another woman.

Adrienne drives to Rodanthe, North Carolina to a friend’s bed and breakfast for the weekend. The house is rustic, romantic and right on the beach.

There is only one guest for the weekend, Paul (Richard Gere), a surgeon who arrives at the inn with his own emotional baggage. He has flashbacks of a surgery which ended tragically.

My Take:

Except that Diane Lane and Richard Gere found solace and comfort in each other arms-while their respective as spouses are still alive (though Diane Lane’s husband abandoned them for another woman-and wants to come back)-this movie is very inviting.

Rodanthe's Inn at the Beach

Rodanthe's Inn at the Beach

The scenes before,at, coming from Rodanthe -are all so beautiful and unique. You never thought that such places exist on earth. The windstorm before the beach, the horses that rages through the sand. And the waves-that crashes to the land. Your thoughts will immediately gravitate to the thoughts of the Creator.

As Diane Lane’s character admitted-that she is no longer a teenager being swept of her feet by a dashing Romeo like Rickard Gere-it is true that once husband and wife fell into the drudgery of life and stop discovering and revealing each other thoughts to each other-then a new person who still does not know us will really invigorate us. That is the fading and false hope that can be generated by a another lover.

It is regretfull that it is true that some people will meet us later and might be better than our current wife/husband. But if you treat this life as closed-then there is no hope or newness left in our relationships.

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Peaceful Easy Feeling

How come newness is always connected to the arts-drawings,carvings and music? Because it is culture which is a reflection of our createdness. Not high culture-but the language of our soul which points to something bigger than we are-more long lasting than money or technology. It is not mere utility. But a statement that we are -just because we are -and we are creatures of God/Yahweh.


One response to “Movie Review:Nights At Rodanthe

  1. i love that movie. special the house.

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