Movie Review: Marley and Me

I thought this is another Owen Wilson film (I love his “Behind Enemey Lines” though) But this is not. It is really about Marley-the dog.


According to, it is based on autobiographical book of John Grogan about “…the life story of an exuberant golden Labrador who gets into perpetual trouble and experiences a range of inspiring adventures, from comforting his human companions in the aftermath of a devastating miscarriage, to shutting down an entire beach, to guarding a seventeen-year-old neighbor in the aftermath of a stabbing attack.”

” Marley is a hyperactive, intractable, mischievous, and entirely lovable yellow Lab, acquired by John Grogan and his wife because they thought having a dog would prepare them for parenthood. Not only did Marley take over their lives, but when children did eventually come along, Marley retained his place as firstborn and supremely difficult child. Grogan’s very amusing chronicle of Marley’s life and adventures is a first-rate memoir of a memorable pet.”

Marley & Me

My take:

I liked the line of Alan Arkin (very good potrayal as the editor of the South Florida Sun Sentinel) when he advises Owen Wilson’s character -that though he likes to be a reporter-life has a find a way to make him a columnist. That he is better writing when he puts more of himself inside the stories he writes.

Also the scene where Jennifer Aniston’s character was experiencing post-partum depression and wants Marley pemanently out of the house- Owen WIlson defended that just because the dog gets crazy once in a while-it does not mean that the dog needs to leave it permanently. Then he makes a comparison about himself. This is a good encouragement for divorce-plagued America.

Since I did not know that the dog will die in the end-I am always concerned how the family-with three little kids will fare with such a wild dog-but it seems the dog’s naughtiness and restlessness is only focused on inanimate things (except his short term trainee and dog sitter) and is lovable and helpful with their children.

The scene in the dog clinic at the end raises some questions-because of euthansia scene. But it is about a dog anyway! But I am sure this will raise questions -as applicable to humans-if it is appropriate.

I would say -that with some parent’s guidance (due to the sex scenes) this is a good family movie. It is realistic and have some fun and warmth in it.


BTW according to wikipedia “The film opened on 3,480 screens in the US and Canada. It grossed $14.75 million on its first day of release, setting the record for the best Christmas Day box office take ever by surpassing the previous high of $10.2 million achieved by Ali in 2001. It earned a total of $51.7 million over the four-day weekend and placed #1 at the box office, a position it maintained for two weeks. As of March 29, 2009, it had grossed $142,992,475 in the US and $72,700,000 in foreign markets for a total worldwide box office of $215,692,475″


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