Movie Review: Slumdog Millionaire

Yes-the Oscar Awards winner. Here is the list of their awards:

1. Best Picture
2. Best Direction
3. Best Original Song
4. Best Original Score
5. Best Film Editing
6. Best Sound Mixing
7. Best Cinematography
8. Best Adapted Screen Play

At the Oscars 2009

At the Oscars 2009

And it is about human depravity and human longing to be lift-up from it. The protagonist -Jabal Malik and his brother-Salim were both orphaned by racial hatred by Sikhs (?) when they were young. And they have a girl named Latika joined then in their misery and plight.

This led them to a street children syndicate who deliberately crippled and blinded children so that they can triple their earnings-For this reason -I will no longer give ambulant children if this will only encourage these hoodlums who prey on innocent children. They were able to escape it before Jabal was blinded by their evil doctor.But they left Latika.

Both brothers find their way through Mumbai-as tourist helper, and even food vendors on trains-until they found Latika again. But Salim made a pact with the devil-the local mobster- and he sold Latika to him. 

Mumbai for the Rich , Not for Slumdogs

Mumbai for the Rich , Not for Slumdogs

After which , Jabal luck changed-accidentally getting through the telephone line to get a slot in “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. As a spoiler-he reached the end of the 20 Million rupees (currently 18 Million Philippines peso) after being tortured by the local police-who don’t believe him at first that he did not cheated his way first to 10 Million Rupees. But after the inspector heard his life story  and why he got all the answers to the contest questions-the Inspector let him try for the last night.

Who wants to be a Millionaire-Mumbai Edition

Who wants to be a Millionaire-Mumbai Edition

In the end-his brother died at the hands of the syndicate-and Jabal and Latika were reconciled.

Doctrine of election was prominent -as well as man’s longing for eternity. But the name of Jesus was not mentioned-ending their redemption upto the human level-that is -love between a man and a woman. I hope there was more-but if you can have some of the seriousness and excitement in one movie these days-you will be glad. 

Election? Jabal and Salim were brothers-grew up in the same environment-yet Jabal was the only one who chosed the right thing even in the worst situation. Jabal needs Salim’s harden heart survivalism-and yet he did not make it himself.

Faith-is also prominent. We must exercise our belief-even through the most harrowing situation a man is pushed into. We are more creatures of heaven than of just earth.

My favorite scene was when Jabal was supposed to catch a baseball but was startled by the incoming plane -since they were playing on the airport runway.Sounds like our own NAIA-near Merville Subdivision.


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