Passing from Death to Life-My Father

As my father is passing from life to death -physically this last week-The Lord made sure that he will pass from death to life spiritually. He had 14 siblings. The last remaining is at Nueva Ecija.

But all of them are closed Catholics-except their youngest who already died 20 years ago-he gave his life to the Lord during his final year. They would rather persecute relatives who turned to the Lord than be converted.

Two of them-Auntie Binay and Trining were the one who took care of us while we are at Instruccion Street, Sampaloc,Manila. I had a premonition fo their death-vaguely though-that is I just have to visit them. But I planned it for the weekend. But we never met-alive that is. They were taken by the Lord. I was hoping that it would not be the same for my father.


Mario Escosa Rodriguez (1923-2009)

Mario Escosa Rodriguez (1923-2009)



So -our harrowing week happened. My father was rushed to the hospital by March 13, 2009. Was brought to the ICU by evening of  Saturday, MArch 14, 2009. But it was during the Saturday morning that he accepted the Lord through me-then by a neighbor then by our dr-Dra Susan Lim-separately.

He was hallucinating things and were very restless. But I have been able to make him confess that all his life is due to Jesus-alone and that he must call His name-even when his voice will fail him-especially this time.I saw it my own eyes that he spoke the name of the Lord Jesus-and look-up into the heavens while doing so.

From Sunday to Monday we ar still able to talk to him -and he just nodded and  see us eye-to-eye. But especially last Wednesday-he is no longer seeing us -And so I asked him that since Jesus-is already in his heart-he may now leave-and Jesus will catch him at the other side.

By Thursday-I already asked my eldest son and our associate pastor to visit him by 5-6 PM. I already knew it was the last day. Wednesday  night before I slept-I asked the Lord for a peaceful departure for my father-so he wont be subjected to the pain and such. Thursday morning Iwoke up to a beautiful scent of flowers-I thought someone used a talcum powder-but it was 4 AM.It was not meant to scare my but a sign that my prayers were to eb answered.

He went into sleep by 1 PM. My dad’s heart beat his last around 7:35 PM. The Lord already took him into His everlasting arms. I am sure He is now being taught the Bible  which he ignored while here on earth. I am sure he is also weeping there-did not realized that he was not able to give service to the Lord here on earth. At least at his death-he testified at last to His grace.


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