Mission of Biblical Seminary

I found this at > http://biblical.edu/pages/discover/mission-statement.htm

and I like it a lot. SO here it is:

“To prepare missional leaders who incarnate the story of Jesus 
with humility and authenticity and who communicate the story with fidelity to Scripture, appreciation of the Christian tradition, and sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of postmodern culture.”

Connecting the incarnation of our Lord  and the missional perspective is my own view. Just being seeker-sensitive smell of modern marketing ploy instead of biblical commitment. Together with fidelity with Scripture and being sensitive to cultural aspirations in a humble environment is really something strategic and deeply theological.

Add to that is the appreciation of Christian traditions-no lazy pastor or theologian can do that-since they will either read the Bible in one reading and then immediately relate that to something he had read or seen on tv.

Great mission statement. Jesus, missions, scripture,tradition and contemporary culture


2 responses to “Mission of Biblical Seminary

  1. Thanks for the blog about our seminary! Glad you like the mission statement. I am the current president. I write a monthly blog called Missional Journal. The back issues are on our website and you can sign up for the email if you wish. Blessings!

  2. Hi thanks for a great post. I’ll be back 🙂

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