January 9, 1986


Rembrandt's Nightwatch

Rembrandt's Nightwatch



Resign to fate and drudgery alas

Forever viewing the silent moon shine

Bathing the surface with calmness align

Not knowing the part of being in cast

Always and always waiting for nothing

Design to render law and order over

Soldiers Republic had given yonder

But with measly wages give minds hurting

foolish is this station’s life wondrin

Situated in vilages amidst hills

Mountains that brings boredom,sometimes shrills

Coffee in a pot, padrinos drinking

But at last these circumstances will change

For the forest will reveal anger’s range


Modern day Riot Squad

Modern day Riot Squad

Families losing properties and lands

When renegades plunder and oppose law

For turncoats acted to feast on flesh, raw

While member’s eye-open watching the band

Anger, anger will strike ablaze forthwith

Resilency of a Filipino

No comparison with White’s casino

For within the soul, there is breadth and width

But fortune turn against loyal forces

Mistaken for hooded thugs, swift mistakes

Farmers brandishing bolos and stakes

Rush to camp while soldiers turn their faces

Nightwatch filled with ambivalence and shame

Loyalist forces scheduled for canes


Martial Law , 1972

Martial Law , 1972

Away to the rear

Hooded thugs bearing arms

All muscled up and mean looking

Eyes fixed on one purpose

To maim, kill and destroy

Striding heavily

Menacing the streets

All littered with bodies

of women raped

babies shred to pieces,

Elders brutalized

All they have is the purpose

To maim, kill and destroy


Nazis during Nuremberg, Germany 1928

Nazis during Nuremberg, Germany 1928



People hiding, trying to save their skins

Mothers covering their children

Fathers dying infront of their families


All they do

To maim, kill and destroy


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