“Lady Knight In Innocence”

1985. August 30

I despaired in my loneliness

Memories reminding me of the days past

I sought rest under a clear blue sky

Hoping for the image of the woman

Waiting for her to touch me again in my being

Comforting myself in the promises of that night

Waiting for her to reveal the beauty in her eyes

And the enigma cloaking her sensuous body


Time ticking rapidly

Torturing my soul, leaving me insane

I had tasted the aroma of that skin

And it lifted me up, entering the completeness

For there is no other love

I tried to haunt the place I last saw her

Stepping on the threshold of new beginning

I forgot to grasp her reality

Leaving her behind


My lady search for me

For your lover has gone blind

Search for me when there’s still light

For the sky threatens our existence

Press for the fundamental importance

Of our existence under the sun

To enjoy and live with the one given to you

To touch the person from your individuality


Keep me, keep me in that lock

Until the law permits our destiny

Whisper to me the secrets of your person

During the time I had feel your warmth

After we exchange the subtle beauty

Residing in the beds of our spirit

Asking for more hours for the ecstasy

Praying for His ultimate entrance to our oneness


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