The Boring Squad

This is a kind of a tribute to three of my longtime friends:

We were called the boring squad in high school-due to our friendship to Kent. But I always look upto Junjun as our group leader since he is more “up there” in the honor list and he is closer (hehe) to the nuns.

We both like Star Wars and Star Trek a lot- until now. In our Star Trek mirror world we are:

Alfred- Capt Kirk



Me-Dr. Bones McCoy

So in that world-Alfred was our leader. Very good in his guitar’s skill. Too tall but not too good in basketball. Always with that American accent. I shared with him his rock and roll music and our fondness for good jokes and TV sitcoms. And my friend Mylene was his crush then. I wonder where she is and he is still brokenhearted because of her. He is still bachelor.

Kent was my philosophical and database programming mentor. He also introduced me to 99.5 RT and Billboard Top 100 weekly countdown with Casey Kasem. I think his existentialist mode made me one while his logical-skeptical temperament influence me more of being wary of profit and manipulative religious organization. But I remember him being a member of Bigkis of Dela Salle-and Alfred and I was joking why Kent joined it. We thought it is only that he can be close to pretty girls.  Stella is our mutual friend-and we were close to her. And she got a boyfriend then.

Junjun is Mr. Walking Encyclopedia. I am trying to imitate him and I still had to catch -up until now. The stereophile then and now the computer geek. The globe-trotter then. He was more of my cultural wavelenght-very Filipino and  very religious. I am just not sure what he does under cover of darkness-hehehe.

I will add some more later-but for now-I am grateful that you are friends! I will be lost then without your companionship.


3 responses to “The Boring Squad

  1. Great point of view. I will add more skeptical comments when I see more philosophy…. Btw: Bigkis was non-profit, and I could see the lesser emphasis on manipulative and more on camaraderie. Also, It has a lot of members from St. Scholastica, St. Paul, Philippine Women’s University (back when it was all “women”), …Uh, Oh… I see your point… :-] …

  2. Remember the time you invited Alfred and I in your one of your BIGKIS meetings-and the one leading is a pretty girl-and Alfred keeps telling me-that that was the reason you joined that group. I can’t blamed you-if that is your reason-then you really have a good taste. Tell that to kumare. 🙂

    BTW you still remember the girl’s name?

    I’ll try to logged to your Facebook later. That site is filtered here at the office.

  3. Hey Ray,
    Thank you for those kind words. Our ‘gang’ was very unique and I would always treasure those times that we had. Best regards, Junjun.

    PS. Under the cover of darkness, I usually sleep. =)

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