Why Others are growing and others are degenerating

Date: Nov 24, 2008

Former Adventist and the current “Worldwide Church of God” -years ago are enmeshed and enslaved in sabbatarianism, food laws, Jewish holidays, and other OT/ Mosaic ordinances. But now , by the Grace of God-they were liberated from it by the simple understanding that we are in already in the New Covenant.

While my former presbyterians co-elders-confident that they know the 5 points of Calvinism-are enslaved to an Old Covenant ordinances of tithing and infant baptism. Once we stopped reading and giving priority to the Scriptures and giving more weight to our human confession of faith (Westminster’s) then we tend to degenerate. we no longer hear afresh the voice of our Shepherd-but just the voice of old men-like Calvin, Zwingli and the Puritans.

I revere them-in fact, I think that I know more of Calvin than anyone in the Philippines -but he is not my Lord and Savior. Jesus is! And he paid the debt I could not pay. I owe Him my allegiance-even if I lost my eldership.


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