Why I am no longer a Presbyterian

Date: Nov 21, 2008

It is because I realized that infant baptism is not required by Scriptures-since we are under the New Covenant and not the Old. The real children of Abraham are those with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and not to those born of Christian parents.

The wording of Genesis 17 correspond to John 1:12-13 and Galatians 3:7 and 26-29. There is a major discontinuity there.

I also realized that the Reformed Covenant theology only started with Zwingli. And he used it to persecute the Reformation’s Anabaptist when before he agreed with them. In fact Calvin himself was friendly with Anabaptist in Strasbourg while in exile from Geneva.

Zwingli and Calvin are still deep into Constantinian view of society. And that colored or ruined their theology.


6 responses to “Why I am no longer a Presbyterian

    • But I am no longer proud to be a Baptist. The baptists I am looking belongs to the era of those Anabaptist martyrs. They really believed in a consecrated life and is still serious and devoted to the Study of the Bible and the glory of God. So I rather use the term Lausanne-Evangelical and New Covenantal Christian.

  1. No longer proud to be a Baptist? That’s too bad. What don’t you like about Baptists – too anti-charismatic? -too Biblical? – too Calvinistic?

    I admit I am not familiar with the term “Lausanne-Evangelical”. I am familiar with the New Covenant theology movement, which is Baptist in nature.

  2. Ray –

    I did read the other post and I understand where you are coming from. I don’t understand all the ramifications of the word “missional”, otherwise, I agree with every thing you’ve said. It sounds to me like you have some experience with Independent/Fundamentalist Baptists. So do I. I was raised in that movement. It sounds to me like you are thinking that if “this” is what Baptists are today, I’m not one of them. I can sympathize. That movement is modeled on, and has more in common with Methodism/Revivalism. It has some great qualities, but is too focused on man-worship and tends to be shallow and legalistic. What is the alternative? Reformed Baptists? They are Credal, Biblical, etc. But, the word “Reformed” is a misnomer! “Reformed” and Baptist DO NOT got together. I sympathize with you on this point as well. I like to think myself a Particular Baptist in the vein of the 17th Century Particular Baptists.

    I’m not sure what options you have in the Philippines. I know there are many Romanists there. May God lead you my brother. I hope you find a place to worship Him on a regular basis. There is no perfect church.

    In Jesus,

  3. Thanks. I am serving in a Christian Reformed Church. Teaching bible studies 2x a week with construction workers and inquirers in the faith. I rather return to it instead of the gnawing uncertainty inside a baptist church -where they don’t want me to even lead a 1 to 1 bible study.

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