Why I accepted Infant Baptism back in the 1980’s

Back then -I have two wonderful mentors-Pastor Maas and her wife Mom Eloise Vanderbilts. They encourage in my theological,artistic and cultural pursuits. They also taught me the concept of Common Grace.

Through them I was also able to read books of C.S. Lewis, Kuyper,Berkouwer, Stob, Calvin, Stott, and even Alexander Carson. I have read then his book-Baptism, Its Modes and Subjects- but did not fully understand it since I still do not know how to read greek then-since it is before I entered ATS. So I loved them and accepted their whole background and heritage without questioning much.

But now -I must make my stand for the sake of my children and others who are depending on me. I need to be sure of my bearings. I rather be wrong and re-orient my directions than to believe I am always right and my children to be headed to eternal destruction

But I will be always in the debt of the Vanderbilts by exemplifying in their life what bountiful grace means. Truly we can be wrong about baptism doctrines-but still can be saved. But I am also sure that their doctrine had an effect on how their children fared in this life. Hard to say-but it might be true.


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