TGIF: Inner Compass (Matthew 11:11-16)

Starting today-I am transcribing my thoughts from our Meralco-2nd floor bible studies here in my blog. It will not be complete-nor will I be sure whose thoughts I am writing-but this will serve just as a repository of those times:

11-15> The law and the  prophets refer to the whole OT-since the law is the Torah -the 5 books of Moses. The prophets is the last set of books in the OT-the Nabi’im. Many people would think that the kingdom of heaven is much like that of the OT type-especially that of King David. And many would try to do it a violent way like that of the Zealots in the 1st century AD. But this is not so-as mentioned by the Lord regarding the break in redemptive history- “For all the prophets and the Law prohesied until John.”

16-19>The Lord knows who he is and have internal consistency. He knows how to act truthfully and honestly in harmony with his inner being. His motives cannot be doubted. His actions-like that of John can be misinterpreted by people who have a lot mask and pretension in public-but He does not have this. “Wisdom is vindicated by her deeds’. He can act in public without contradicting his inner motives. He can be in isolation or be easily be at ease in social situations.

There was a question regarding the femininity of the word WIsdom. Greek language is conjugated language. Based on the  gender of the noun-its verbs and pronouns are also similarly conjugated. However, when the Holy Spirit is directly addressed-the pronoun “he” is used-showing his masculinity.


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