Sacral Society

The Taliban and Islamic fundamentalist are waging war to create a sacred/sacral society. Medievalist Roman Catholics and some modern Protestants are also pursuing such society with its dominionist worldview.

BaptistS, beginning with Roger Williams, advocates only FOR a civil society where every one has right to pursue his religious ideals and a just society without the coercion of the state to back it up. It is in eternal pendulum swinging  from imbalance to equilibrium. Persecuted by his magisterial protestants brethren a baptist is for the separation of church and state and the freedom of conscience.

There can never be a Christianized society-a Christendom so to speak. There is only the Christian individual. With cooperation with other Christians-and other civil citizens-he can try to make a just and peaceful society. But not a perfect society though.

Therefore sharing the gospel is imperative. I cannot believe for my children. They have to trust the Lord Jesus on their own. But that is where freedom resides.


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